Rental conditions

The booking of the apartment implies the acceptance of the rental conditions and the commitment to accept and to apply the house rules.


The apartment can’t be occupied by more people than the maximum permitted capacity.

The cleaning service fee is mandatory. The service includes a set of towels for each person, bedclothes for each bed, 1 roll of toilet paper in each bathroom, garbage bag in the kitchen. You can hire additional cleaning service if you want change of towels, sheets, toilet paper and garbage bag during your stay. Contact us before your arrival if you want to hire this optional service.

The payment of the security deposit is obligatory and will be paid in cash at your arrival. This amount will be refunded to you by the check-out staff in cash on the departure day once the apartment is checked.

The check-in is from 2:00pm and the check-out time is up to 10:00am. ATELIER APARTMENTS can be flexible on the schedule as long as circumstances permit.

All check-in made after 9:00pm and check-out made before 8:00am has an additional fee:

From 6:00am to 8:00am and from 9:00pm to 12:00am, 20€

From 12:00am to 6:00am, 30€

In case the guests forget the keys in the apartment during their stay, and the check-in staff has to go to the apartment, a service of opening will be charged:

From 8:00am to 9:00pm, 20€

From 9:00pm to 8:00am, 30€

here will be an extra fee of 40€ for lost key set.


It’s important to let us know the estimated time of your arrival.

You must contact the check-in staff once you are at the airport and let her know the means of transport you will take to get to the apartment.

In case you can’t arrive to the apartment at the agreed-upon time, please let us know as soon as possible on the phone number that we had given you in order to avoid unnecessary waits.

The check-in staff will meet you at the apartment to give you the keys and will show you the operation of the facilities.

You will receive a copy of the contract which must be signed accepting the rental terms and where you will find the remaining balance and the amount of the security deposit which must be paid in cash at your arrival.

It is essential to show your passport or ID, photocopy of the document would not be valid.

If you have any doubts or questions we will be pleased to answer them as quickly as possible during normal working hours. We will provide you a 24 hours emergency number.


If you cancel the reservation at least 30 days before your scheduled arrival, the 75% of the total advance amount will be refunded.

The cancellations 29 days before your scheduled arrival or later will not be reimbursed. We can accept modifications in reservation dates taking into account the availability of the apartment and adapting the corresponding rates for any season.


The guests are responsible for keeping the apartment in perfect conditions during their stay and undertake to deliver in the same conditions in which it was found both the accommodation and its equipment, as being the guests’ direct responsibility the replacement and repair of losses, damages or impairments attributable to them. Also, the guests are responsible for the objects or personal property deposited in the accommodation during their stay. The guests shall be directly and exclusively responsible for any damages that may be caused to persons or things as well as losses or thefts taking place within the same apartment.

The guests are not responsible for the cleaning but they must leave the apartment in good conditions, the kitchen tidy and the garbage left in the dumpsters on the street, otherwise an extra cleaning fee will be charged.

If an incident were to occur in the apartment before your arrival (fire, flood, robbery etc.) and the apartment is not in conditions to be occupied, ATELIER APARTMENTS will help you to find another similar accommodation. If it is not possible or the guest does not accept the proposed alternative, the reservation will be cancelled and the amount paid will be refunded. Atelier Apartments does not assume any other responsibility.

Please read the house rules carefully. In case of irresponsible behavior, ATELIER APARTENTS will ask the guests to abandon the apartment, without the guests being entitled to any compensation.


If SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED in the apartment you stay, please respect it and use the designated smoking areas such as terrace.

ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED in the apartment.

The guests must behave in civic way, and respect the GENERAL RULES OF COEXISTENCE. Any activity that would disturb the normal coexistence of the community, where the apartment is located, such as loud music, noise and parties that make the neighbours complain, will be the reason to leave the apartment immediately.

The REST HOURS are: 10 p.m. – 10 a.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. – 10 a.m. on holidays.

Remember to TURN OFF the light, the appliances and the air conditioning every time you go out.

Remember to take with you the KEYS of the apartment when you go out. Make sure the doors and the windows are closed. If you need to call on entry phone, please pay attention to the number of your apartment in order not to bother the neighbours.

Please, use the furniture and the appliances WITH CARE. Any incident that may occur in the apartment, you should communicate it immediately.

You are not allowed to use the apartment TOWELS on the beach or for other uses out of the apartment.

The CLEANING SERVICE is provided by a professional team. If you have any complaint about when you arrive, please tell us and we’ll try to solve the problems as soon as possible.

The guests must leave the apartment in good condition and the kitchen tidy, otherwise a cleaning fee will be charged.

The GARBAGE must be dumped into the bins or dumpsters which are located on the street.

On the DAY OF DEPARTURE, you must be ready to leave the apartment at the time you have agreed with the check-out personnel.